Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Bounding Box Office

To nobody's surprise, Pirates of the Caribbean Number Three took the top spot with a box office total of $43 million on Friday. This is $5 million above Shrek the Third's Friday tally of a week ago...

Meanwhile, Shrek took the expected plunge to #2, taking in $14.4 million for its second Friday in the marketplace. It will be interesting to see its decline weekend to weekend (remember that last week to this week isn't exactly comparable, since this is a three-day holiday.)

Spider-Man 3 meanwhile, collected $3,850,000. Every other top-ten entry was a relative cipher. There's not a lot of breathable space in the marketplace when you have three studio "tent-poles" competing for box office doubloons. (Although Fox Searchlight's Waitress outgrossed Spidey on a per-theater basis...)

Sunday Update: Pirates raked in $112.5 million through Sunday ($126,547,000 total), the Green Ogre swept up $51 million (for a $201,380,000 cume) and Spidey 3 accumulated $13.7 million and a $303,342,000 domestic gross...

"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" will make off with only a portion of Hollywood's box office records.

The Walt Disney Co. film was projected to have grossed $126.5 million in the U.S. and Canada through today, box-office tracker Media by Numbers reported.

That puts the film well short of the domestic weekend record of $151 million set by "Spider-Man 3" earlier this month.

"Spider-Man's" totals also came over just three days. "Pirates" in the comparable period grossed $112.5 million but supplemented its total with $14 million in special Thursday night "preview screenings."

Nonetheless, "Pirates" is easily breaking the industry's holiday weekend box office record.

L.A. Times

Monday Update: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 ended up with $142,0555,000 four-day total (Thursday night screenings added a chunk more; total gross stands at $156,055,000.)

Shrek the Third collected $69,085,000 to run its gross to $219,424,000, dropping a respectable 43.2%. (Bonus checks for everybody!)

Spidey 3 collected 18,000,000 in its fourth week, and now has piled up $307,642,000. (It dropped 38% week-to-week).

This puts Johnny D. and his crew at the top of the Memorial Day box office heap.

"This is probably the most competitive Memorial weekend ever if not one of the most competitive weekends all time. It speaks volumes for how well we did," Chuck Viane, [Disney's head of distribution], said. "Obviously, we fell short of the three-day record of 'Spidey.' Everything's really obvious and really good."

Adding in $14 million (€10.41 million) from Thursday night previews before its official Friday release, "At World's End" had taken in $156.1 million (€116.03 million) domestically.

The movie also grossed $245 million (€182.12 million) internationally since Wednesday, putting its worldwide total at $401 million (€298.07 million) in a matter of days.


Marcos Gp said...

The bet is if meet the Robinsons will reach the 100 million ....

Anonymous said...

Slim at best for MTR.

I think Disney is putting all its animated chips on Pixar's Rat movie.

Anonymous said...

I have been curious lately with all these "record breaking" numbers.

It appears these high numbers are based on DOLLARS from ticket sales instead of the number of people buying the tickets.

Do these records have to do with the rising ticket prices over the last 20 years?

Wouldn't it make sense to tally the number of people instead of money?

Anonymous said...

Movies theatre prices ARE COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL!

Less people are interested in going to the theatre's, it is a fact.

I saw Pirates this weekend and despite a disappointing end and other elements, i at least felt i got my matinee 7.00 worth. Invest in the home theatre experience, its worth every penny.

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