Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fragrant Box Office

As the smell of highly mobile corpses fills the air...

A new weekend of theatrical grosses, and Meet the Robinsons and Blades of Glory have fallen from the Top Ten after 43 days of release.

Blades collected $385,000 on Friday, good enough for the 11th position and $112,809,00 in box office, while MTR took in $380,000 at the number twelve spot. Robinsons now totals $92,874,000. Any guesses as to whether Diz will keep it in the marketplace until it ticks a hundred million? (I'm betting yes.)

Farther up the list, Spiderman 3 maintained its hold on #1 with a $17,800,000 take, while the zombie fest 28 Weeks Later racked up $3,910,000 for its debut. (Horror pictures usually fade fast. Seems as though the political allegory that was embroidered into it had no or minimal impact at the turnstiles.)

Georgia Rule, the Lindsay Lohan-Jane Fonda picture, placed third with $1,860,000 despite tepid reviews.

Update: Unsurprisingly, Spider-Man 3 holds down the top spot with a $60 million take, running its total to $242 million after two weekends. (Next week, it's Spidey vs. Shrek.)

Way back in the #2 and #3 positions were the sprinting zombies (28 Weeks Later) and Lindsay, Felicity and Jane (Georgia Rule). Interesting that the third picture on the list took in just $5.9 million. Sort of demonstrates that Spider-Man is sucking up most of the loot, even though it dropped over 60%.

And as the weekend finished, Meet the Robinsons ended up in the tenth slot, edging out Blades of Glory>. MTR has now collected $94 million domestic, while Blades stands at $114 million.


Anonymous said...

we want guillermo del toro (pan's laberynth) for directing spiderman 4

Anonymous said...

Yes. i agree. Disney will do whatever it can to get Robinson's to hit at least 100M. even if they have to send the employees to see it.

Anonymous said...

At 9 dollars a ticket to see a movie, you have to be very selective these days.

Anonymous said...

Don't count an animated film as outside of the top ten for the weekend based on Friday gross alone.

MTR was number 8 this weekend.

Anonymous said...

erm...the pic is from 28 Days Later...not 28 Weeks Later

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