Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Persistence of That OTHER Big Animation Producer (not named Dreamworks, Disney or Pixar)

This item passed my Eagle Eye this morning:

CANNES, France, May 23 -- The Weinstein Company is pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic alliance with Exodus Film Group to jointly develop, produce and finance a multi-picture slate of CG-animated feature films, DVDs, and television series. TWC will distribute the titles worldwide.

TWC is handling worldwide distribution for Exodus' much-anticipated CG- animated film "Igor," which is set for a wide theatrical release on October 24, 2008.

Harvey Weinstein stated, "With our first collaboration 'Igor' looking so strong we thought the timing was right to further the relationship and to begin work on an 'Igor' sequel. John Eraklis and his team, led by Max Howard, have the unique ability to create dynamic animated entertainment that attracts kids, parents and everyone in between."

As we've noted before, the Weinstein brothers, late of Miramax, currently of the Weinstein Company, have big stakes in a wide array of animated product. And they keep pushing chips into the middle of the table.

The Weinsteins co-financed TMNT, which has collected $54 million domestically under a Warner Bros. release.

The Weinsteins had a mid-sized hit with Hoodwinked, and are now producing a sequel titled Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs. Evil, under the direction of animation veteran Mike Disa.

The Weinsteins are partnering on a cg feature titled Escape from Planet Earth.

The Weinsteins are partnered with the Henson Company in a trio of low-budget, CG animated fairy tales (the Shrek bandwagon is wide and deep) called "Unstable Fables." These are Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and Tortoise and The Hare - all of which are being animated by Prana Studios in India. (Prana, by the by, is also animating the Disney direct-to-video feature Tinkerbell. It's a busy studio.)

To be sure, the Weinsteins have had their share of misses. Doogal and Arthur and the Invisibles were hardly box office smashes, but what gets our attention is that, despite the setbacks, the Weinsteins see animation as a profit center and keep right on trucking.


Anonymous said...

from the producer of "Quest for Camelot" comes Igor? Poor Weinsteins.

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