Friday, May 25, 2007

Disney of 1983 - Part Deux

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To follow up on how things were in 1983: Here's Disney story artist Randy Cartwright being pulled around on animator Ollie Johnston's steam train by...Ollie Johnston.

In '83, Ollie had been retired from Disney for five years. He and Frank had written their classic The Illusion of Life and were now essentially high priests in the cathedral of animation, dispensing wisdom and benevolences...

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And here's John Musker behind his director's desk on the second floor of the Disney animation building. John was directing on Basil of Baker Street, and kept everything neat and orderly, as you can see.

(Disney feature directors' desks were something to behold. Not only were they BIG, but they were constructed with a multitude of drawers and shelves, which meant they had what seemed like an infinite amount of storage space. And there was almost enough room for a baby Fiat in the hollow center.)

(Photos -- once more -- courtesy of Randy Cartwright)


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