Monday, May 21, 2007

Up In the Disney Penthouse -- December 15, 1970

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Bob Youngquist's retirement lunch, December 15, 1970. From left to right: Andy Engman, Les Clark, Bob Youngquist, Charlie Downs, and Ken Peterson.

Mr. Youngquist had been at the studio for thirty-five years, working as an assistant animator and animator. On this day he was hanging it up, and most of the animation department was gathered on the top floor of the old animation building to provide him with a proper send off.

Bob was 29 when he came to the studio, and 65 when he left. He died on August 3, 1996, three weeks shy of his 91st birthday...

Andy Engman sits at the far end of the table, a former effects animator who had long been in studio management. Then there's Les Clark, one of the "nine old men" who at this time had his own unit doing educational films. Next is Bob Youngquist, and beside him sits animator Charlie Downs, then animating in Les's educational unit (with Bob Y. working as his assistant.)

On the other end of the table sits Ken Peterson, a Disney production manager and animation producer who'd been at the studio for decades.

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And here's Bob Youngquist showing the camera how young and handsome he was thirty-five years previously, as Les Clark applauds.

Photos courtesy Bob Foster.


Mark Mayerson said...
has three shots of Bob Youngquist at his desk at Disney circa 1935.

Anonymous said...

I never knew Bob that well, but I sat across the hall from him while working on "Robin Hood" in the seventies.

He seemed like a nice guy. I had no idea he had been at Disney so long.

Drew said...


My dad was Andy Engman; I'm his son and youngest child, Drew Engman.

Thank you for the great memories. I remember walking down to the Studio after elementary school (Abraham Lincoln just up Buena Vista) and visiting my dad's office dozens on times. I think I met everyone in the animation dept. and a few others, from about1963 until my dad retired about 1972.

My dad's good friends were Frank Follmer, Paul Carlson, Frank Grundeen, and many others.

This is a wonderful blog for all us old Disney families. My dad started at Disney in 1937, before my time. I still have a great collection of Disney pictures and memorabilia. I'll try to scan some and post them here.

Thank you,

Drew Engman

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