Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Complaints" Follow Up

A short while ago we posted "Complaints TAG Gets." We also sent out letters and printed an article in the newsletter.

And whattayaknow? E-mails flowed in confirming that yes, there are execs in 'toonland who insist on outlines (mislabeled "premises") that studios don't pay for. Who would have thought it?

I also got a phone call from the creator of a show asking: "What's TAG's position on two or three page "premises" that have guarantees of outlines and script (and accompanying fees) attached to them?"

The answer is, premises longer than a page which are part of an outline and script payment guarantee aren't the issue. It's long premises that end up orphans -- that is, without an outline, script or money trailing behind them -- that are the problem.

I keep wondering what studios think they're doing. Who the hell wants to waste long days of their lives working for free?


Steve said...


For what it's worth, I have a theory on this that I posted on the animation writers blog.


All the best...

- Other Steve

Anonymous said...

I've always gotten paid for any outlines or premises I've submitted. These new studio executives must be bandits.

If you've any self respect, don't work for these guys.

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