Monday, February 09, 2009

Another Afternoon of Remembrance

Afternoon of Remembrance

Over a hundred people showed up for our annual Afternoon of Remembrance at the Lasky-DeMille Barn on Saturday.

Tom Sito

Tom Sito (left), our President Emeritus, hosted the festivities, as he has for the last fourteen years.

Memorial committee member Martha Sigall (right) honored the late Gus Arriola (below), who worked as a story sketch artist for Mintz and MGM but is best remembered for the Gordo comic strip.

The latest Afternoon of Remembrance had a large turnout ... but then we were eulogizing fifty-four individuals from all parts of the cartoon industry ... and the rain was kind enough to stop during the time we honored them.

(I've been attending these Remembrances since the beginning, and what always impresses me is the humanity that shines through as friends get up to tell stories about those who've departed. Added to which, a lot of great industry history gets shared ... -- Steve Hulett)

Gus Arriola


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