Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"In Matters of Taste..."

John and Billy, together again ...

... it's like kinda hard to argue, innit?.

The problem with coming up with "best" is that, somebody always disagrees.

For instance I think that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the best film of 1937, but the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science picked You Can't Take It With You, a film little seen or remembered today.

Beauty and the Beast got itself nominated as best film of 1991, but it didn't win. The light-hearted, family-oriented Silence of the Lambs took the prize.

No doubt about it. The annual Oscar handout is just flat-out prejudiced against cartoons. Sadly, there is no law against it.

And now there are screams of outrage that Kung Fu Panda skunked Wall-E at the recent Annies, so obviously the fix is in (even though John Lasseter swung by to pick up the Windsor McKay Award. What was John thinking?)

But I'm here to say, maybe it isn't the rigging of a jury, theft, or other chicanery. Maybe it is as those wacky Romans said: "De gustibus non est disputandum."


Floyd Norman said...

"Silence of the Lambs?" How can anybody beat a comedy about sheep? It's just too much fun.

Actually, I don't think John or Andrew cared about "losing." If I were in their position it sure wouldn't matter to me.

Tim said...

Have you seen "You Can't Take it With You"? I am normally a Frank Capra fan, but this film is a mess.

At least Walt got that nifty special Oscar with the seven little Oscars.

Jeff Massie said...

Among the nominated movies that lost to You Can't Take It with You in 1938 were The Adventures of Robin Hood, Grand Illusion and Pygmalion.

Anonymous said...

Kung Fu Panda was the better movie and everyone recognized it.
To those claiming a fix, I say "My, these grapes taste sour!"

Stephen Worth said...

ASIFA-Hollywood will be podcasting the entire 36th Annual Annie Awards over the next couple of weeks. The first segment is available for viewing now...

Segment One: Tom Kenny's Monologue / Video Game

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous up there!
Kung Fu Panda was an epic win of a kung fu movie, as well as a comedy, AND just happened to be animated exceptionally well!
It was a GREAT MOVIE! Even the worst critic friends i have loved it, were crazy about it!
It topped The Incredibles as my favorite 3D animated feature, potentially my favorite animated feature of all time (And I'm a 2D person)

Wall-E wasn't a great film! It wasn't bad, It was just a cute flick that looked really pretty!

Kung Fu Panda deserved every inch of that win at the annie awards. It was just a better film!

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