Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vanishing "Hill"

I spent a part of the day wandering among the empty cubicles at the King of the Hill sector of Film Roman, snuggled up against the Bob Hope Airport.

The are a few artists left, a couple of timers and animation checkers, but the office space is quiet.

"I'm gone Friday, everybody else is out in a couple of weeks" ... "All we know is the show hasn't been officially cancelled. But it hasn't been picked up for more episodes either." ... "People hope that if a show on Fox falls out, King of the Hill will come back. Again." ...

And so it goes. Goode Family, the KOTH spin off, doesn't roll out on ABC until Spring, and its first crop of episodes is done, the crew dispersed. As a director told me as he packed up his personal knick-knacks: "Goode may or may not have more half-hours done later. But it's going to be a while before any renewal happens, and I need a job now."

Up on The Simpsons, artists and directors are still working away on the twentieth season; most of them seemed to have heard about Harry Shearer saying on MSNBC the twenty-first had been picked up. But one cycnic related:

"Fine of Shearer to say that, but we haven't heard anything official. Producers say its looks good for another season, but an actor saying so doesn't make it for sure. Not as far as we're concerned."

I find this dour outlook sad. If you can't trust Harry Shearer, who can you trust?


Anonymous said...

On the good, albeit non-union, side of things, there's rumblings about Fox bringing Futurama back to life for half-hours on its network. That would certainly help the employment around town.

ken kahn said...
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ken kahn said...

"there's rumblings about Fox bringing Futurama back to life for half-hours"

My understanding was that these new episodes would be repackaging the direct to DVD movies released year into 1/2 hour segments. My impression was that no actual new shows were planned for now.

Brubaker said...

I seriously doubt that the Simpsons will go away in the near future. I'm not too worried about that.

Here's to good wishes to the KOTH staffers. The show had a good run!

Anonymous said...

Uhm... the entire Color Department is still here for a while as is Post..

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