Thursday, February 19, 2009

Imagi - Another Update

Now with Add On.

Imagi, the animation studio that earlier ran into some choppy seas, has now paid most of the employees for the unpaid week of work they did back toward the end of January ...

This is good news, and we commend Imagi for making good on one of its commitments.

Howsoever. There is still money owed to a lot of employees for other things, but we will cling to the old adage, "A journey begins with the first step" and hope for the best.

Add On: I talked this afternoon with the company. They represent that they want to do right by their recently laid-off employee, and make them whole in the pay department. I'm all for that, but we'll see if it happens. And when.


Anonymous said...

>they want to do right< "Want" and WILL...two very different things.

Thanks for the update, Steve.

Anonymous said...

My son interviewed with Imagi in November, and they called him in mid January and said he had been hired. 2 days before he was supposed to start (and after giving 2 weeks notice at his current job) they called and said they were holding off hiring him due to money issues,and waiting for investor money to come through. Well, needless to say he is now unemployed because of this company. If they had money issues, why call somebody and hire them. In good faith my son resigned his job to work for Imagi....and now look what they have done to him. I think it is very poor business practices for a financially strapped company to attempt to hire people. Maybe they shoiuld pay his unemployment.

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