Friday, February 06, 2009

A Different Kind of SPA Feature

Sony has had some challenges with its animation division. Mr. Sarnoff departed after eleven years. The forest animals and black-and-white flightless birds haven't performed as hoped. So now there's this:

Sony Pictures Animation wants a new animated feature from the character library of comic book publisher Platinum Studios. Sony, who also partnered with Platinum CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg on 1997’s “Men in Black,” revealed that they will tap at least one of Platinum’s 5,600 characters to jump onto the big screen.

So there's got to be something in the vast Platinum library that will click with the public, correct? Sony just has to figure out which property it is.

But what happened to Cowboys and Aliens? I thought that comic book was a high concept property on its way to big time franchise ... but I guess not. No tentpole status for the saddle tramps and men from Planet X.


Diana Rodríguez said...
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