Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Imagi Update II

I have now -- finally -- talked to a couple of Imagi officials, and they tell me the following:

* Funds for the studio to restart and restaff are expected in momentarily. (Yes, I know. We've heard this before.)

* Back pay owed to employees will be paid.

* Pay in lieu of notice of layoff will be paid. (This means that folk who were phoned on the weekend of January 24-25 will be paid for the following week, since the collective bargaining agreement requires it.)

* Personal Service Contracts will be honored.

All this is fine news, but of course it may not happen if money doesn't begin flowing ... and soon. In the meantime, TAG has mailed and faxed grievance letters to the company.

Per the officials, the top priority for the officials is to get Astro Boy back on track, as that's their priority. I was told that snark from various furloughed employees is beginning to bubble up on Facebook and other places on the internets, and the honchos (who said they weren't getting paid either) don't consider it helpful to getting pictures back into production.

They would like to get all Imagi's projects back in work, but Astro Boy is the priority.

More info as we get it.

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