Saturday, February 14, 2009

Presidential B. O.

Now with enzyme-rich Add On:

The extended holiday weekend generates robust box office numbers.

So Friday the 13th '09 scores big despite bad reviews, but that's to be expected, since it's one of those typical Valntine Day, feel-good movies to which young lovers flock. $19.3 million on Friday, and no doubt gangbuster numbers for the balance of the weekend. (Flowers, a box of chocolates, and two tickets to F13, what could be finer?) ...

On the animated front, Coraline is tracking along at #5, earning $3,000,000 on Friday. Of the top ten films, the little girl is number nine in terms of total number of theatres in which she's showing.

Add On:The preliminary weekend totals are in, and Coraline ends up at #5 with the second highest per-screen average ($6,605) for a $15.3 million weekend and $35.6 million cume.

Among other animated features in the marketplace: Madagascar Deux is at number 32, just shy of the $180 million mark. #33 The Tale of Despereaux is stalled at $50,403,000, while Waltz with Bashir is playing a few art houses at the fortieth position and has so far earned $1,407,000.

Disney's White Doggie has eaten $113,143,000 domestically, and has $220,093,937 packed away in its worldwide grosses. Before the pooch is through, it should come within wagging distance of $300 million.


Anonymous said...

I went to a morning show of Coraline in 3d today. That thing was sold-out and then some (saw people come in, not find seats and leave. An entire family was sitting on the floor.)

People at work have been telling me they've gone to try and see it and it was sold out.


I predict good legs for this thing. But the sad mistake of this whole thing is that they had a hit, but the theater owners bolluxed it.

AMC Burbank had moved it to a smaller theater this week. That was a mistake.

Coraline had 1000 fewer theaters than the other openers last week.

Anonymous said...

The screening I went to today was pretty full too. The bottom, flat-half of the stadium theater was not full, but the top half was packed.

Anonymous said...

Coraline is in over 2300 theatres. I think it will have a hard time because of its content is not as appealing to wide audience.

Anonymous said...

Saw it at a major LA theater on Saturday evening -- decent attendance, but still only about 25% full. I think it's a safe bet that people who don't get in to a sold out screening will still see it. It's in plenty of theaters, and it's doing a little better than it was expected to from what I can gather.

Anonymous said...

Coraline's per screen average was higher than any of the top 5 save Frida the 13. Considering it's in nearly 1000 less theaters, that's quite something. It's a good film, even if the polarized Stereo glasses destroy the image and give most people a headache.

Anonymous said...

Coraline is a beautiful looking movie . I've seen Coraline twice so far : one time in conventional projection, one time in "3D".

The 3D was well-done and had that sort of "Gee-whiz neato! effect on me for a while ... and then it got old real fast . Somewhat uncomfortable eye strain (but not too bad) , dimmer image , constantly aware of the darn glasses sitting on my face. For this we're supposed to shell out more money and want to go to the movies more frequently ? I don't mind it for a 15 minute theme park ride or Imax short , but this is not a superior way to screen narrative movies. (sorry JK)

By contrast I thoroughly enjoyed the screening that was shown in conventional projection and was able to lose myself in Coraline's world.

I'll be glad when this latest incarnation of the 3D fad has run it's course.

Anonymous said...

In proper 3d instillations, the film is exactly as bright in the 3d version as it is in the 2d.

I've worked on three films digitally released in 3d, and brightness was corrected for properly.

I don't think the stereo glasses give "most people" a headache. I will agree that they give some people a headache.

I hope the film does well. It's rare to have an animated film which is a drama and not a comedy. I think the film has wide appeal, but not, perhaps super-wide.

But what do I know? Looks like America prefers Friday the 13th remakes. Yeah, there's some wide appeal that I just don't get.

Sometimes it's better to have not such a wide appeal.

Anonymous said...

I asked my seven year old daughter, who loved the Coraline trailer, if she wanted to see the film...she said, "if it's in 3D, no thanks". I was shocked...she said she didn't like a number of things about 3D, and was very emphatic. Really surprised me! My personnel opinion is that I find the glasses awkward on top of my own glasses.

Anonymous said...

"Coraline" is a fantastic movie. Wether it's on 3d or not. No headaches here either!

And yes, it's nice to see a dramatic slant in an animated movie for a change, but it does come with some humour as well, the Venus de Milo scene?!? Hilarious!


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