Saturday, February 07, 2009

Weekend B.O. - Romantic Comedy and Coraline

Now with Add On.

The preliminary Friday numbers are in, and Coraline, the new animated feature on the block, lands in the third position behind He's Just Not That Into You and the holdover Taken ...

The all-star romantic comedy collected $10,550,000 on Friday afternoon and evening, while Coraline made off with $4.5 million. With all-day matinees on Saturday and Sunday, will see how the discontented little girl ... with her praiseworthy reviews ... fares during the next fifty-two hours.


Anonymous said...

Coraline was a very good movie. Beautiful, too. But I would say it was a bit unevenly paced. Granted, Henry Selick is a far better animator than Neil Gaiman is a "writer (mostly dreck)," it's still Selick's best film.
Part of me admires that the film doesn't seem to have a particular audience in mind, but it WILL affect the box office negatively. The marketing of the film was pretty shoddy, as well.

Anonymous said...

Gaiman's Coraline is wonderfully written--a real modern children's classic. Plus Gaiman just won the Newberry Award, the most prestigious children's book award there is, for his children's novel The Graveyard Book. I just saw Coraline (although in 2-D, not 3-D as the 3-D was sold out), and Selick's production design is amazingly beautiful. Selick makes some changes that weaken the story ever so slightly, but it is still a strong film. I wonder why, at least here in Denver, the film is only playing in a few theaters. Go see it though. It is beautifully designed and animated.

Anonymous said...

Some of the best animation I've seen in many years. Period.


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