Monday, February 23, 2009

Imagi Update - Again

I spent the afternoon at Imagi in Sherman Oaks, and to keep folks up to date, about 40-50% of the staff is back at work as of today. As one of the freshly returned artists said to me:

"The company seems to be working to make things right, but if it doesn't come through on its promises, I won't be around here long ..."

I met with Imagi administration for an hour, and here's what they related:

* Checks for "pay in lieu of notice" came in late Friday, and the company has been issuing them to employees who haven't been recalled, with other staff to follow.

* The company, though it isn't required to do so under the TAG contract, says it will be paying laid-off employees through February 14th. Vacation pay will also be paid out.

* Dismissal pay that's due under the TAG contract will be paid to individuals who haven't been rehired 110 days after layoff. (Assuming employees are paid wages through February 14th, the clock starts running on February 15th.)

* Employees being brought back include 1) Crew working on Astro Boy. 2) Individuals who have term Personal Service Agreements (with those agreements honored). 3) Some board artists working on Tusker and Gochaman, to help get these projects up on reels.

A SAD NOTE: Since individuals have been flamed in previous "Imagi" comments, we simplify matters here by shutting down the comments section.

It's a shame we have to do this, but life is too flipping short to have to police for virulent bullcrap. We find it, we delete it. And if that means closing comments, or pre-screening comments, we'll do it.

As your fifth grade teacher once said: "A few bad apples are ruining it for everybody else."

If anybody has questions about Imagi that aren't answered above, feel free to call the TAG office (818-766-7151) ... or e-mail me at ...

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