Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guinea Pigs Run Wild

Now with Add On sporting 90% humidity.

Early box office reports have G-Force at the top of the heap:


1. G-Force 3-D (Disney) $11 million today & around $33M this weekend.

2. The Ugly Truth (Sony) $10M today & about $27M weekend.

3. Harry Potter/Half-Blood Prince (WB) $9.5M today & probably $30M weekend.

4. Orphan (Dark Castle/Warner Bros) $5M today & near $13M weekend

C.G.I. animation, over and over, proves itself to be highly lucrative at the box office..

Add On: Friday finals show that G-Force earns an easy #1 and $11.5 million, while the other animated feature Ice Age declines to #5 and $2.6 million in the end-of-week kitty.

Add On Too: The (partially) animated G-Force takes in $32,152,000 for the weekend, while Mr. Potter collects $30,000,000 (good for a -61.5% decline) for a cume of $221.8 million.

Meantime, Ice Age the Third drops by slightly more than half and picks up $8.2 million in its $171.3 million of domestic dollars.


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