Monday, July 13, 2009

On Sheet Timing

A commenter writes:

Spoke at length with a veteran director a few weeks back and discussed the rates for sheet timing that have not moved for several years. Any particular reason this rate doesn't change? Thanks Steve-

The rates for animation and timing directors in the TAG Collective Bargaining Agreement have gone up 3% a year over the past three years. Here are the current rates:

Disney Animation Director (journey hourly rate): $44.846

Disney Timing Director (journey hourly rate): $42.995

Sheet Timer: (journey hourly rate): $36.058

Like I say, these rates have increased each year for as long as I've been here. They go up again on August 2.


Anyone who's being underpaid on an hourly, daily or weekly basis -- the rates that are listed in the CBA -- should contact me.  I'll be happy to file a grievance.


Anonymous said...

Could he mean the freelance rates and not the employee hourly rate?

Steve Hulett said...

Same difference.

There are no footage rates in the contract. If a timing director is working "by the foot", they should be hitting the hourly rate.

Several years ago we proposed a footage rate in the contract, but we couldn't reach agreement with producers, and ultimately withdrew it.

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