Friday, July 24, 2009

The Inevitability of Three Dimensions

There was a time (November 12, 2008) when I thought that 3-D cinema wouldn't be so ... ah ... totally encompassing.

November 13th came much faster than I ever imagined.

... [At Comic Con], Disney presented some 3D bits from its upcoming animated slate. In terms of scoops, the presentation wasn't too groundbreaking-- the footage screened was from Beauty and the Beast, which has been remastered in 3D, and Toy Story 2, which will screen as part of a 3D double feature alongside Toy Story in October ...

See, it's not just new features that are in three dimensions, but all the retro-fitted old features. At some point, Disney will redo Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi and Victory Through Air Power.

And then some bright monkey at Turner Classic Movies will get a brain-wave to reprocess Birth of a Nation in 3-D.

Where, I ask you, will it end?


Anonymous said...

Audeinces will have to feel they are getting something worthwhile for their 3-D dollar or this will fuel the wait-for-the-DVD market

Floyd Norman said...

I could care less about 3D, and have purposely avoided seeing the recent animated movies in this warmed over format.

However, I saw the "Beauty and the Beast" sequence at the San Diego Con, and I was actually impressed. It looked pretty darn good.

They haven't completely sold me yet, but I'm willing to reconsider.

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