Thursday, July 23, 2009

The MegaCollector's Barney Bear, part 2

The second set of Blair story panels of the unproduced Barney Bear. (Part two of three.)


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see an MGM DvD set.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know that this posting is all about Barney Bear - but I needed a place to vent and well, any open Text Box in a storm. I am at Sony Imageworks. I have been there for many years now. Recently there have been a lot of changes, old management teams being replaced by newer ones. This is the norm right? Every few years new blood, new brooms, new styles. The style of this group seems to be slash/burn. Seasoned vet's getting tossed on their @sses to be replaced by a younger (cheaper) crowd. Benefits are being cut to the bone. Severance pay - cut out completely and we are being asked to sign new contracts that stip away our current health coverage to a shadow of what it is now. A few years back the union tried to come in, but back then Sony's benefits were better than what the union offered so many of us voted against it. WE WERE WRONG! Steve, if there was ever a time to set up a recruiting station it is NOW. Please - please - please!

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