Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scenes from Moving Day, part 2

All told, the move went every bit as well as could be expected. A few glitches, but nothing to seriously complain about.

One small issue is that the phone company has not yet turned off our old phone number, which may be happening as soon as today. In any event, please make note to call us at the new number effective immediately - (818) 845-7500 - and fax us at (818) 843-0300. All e-mail addresses remain the same.

Right in the middle of yesterday's move, the landscapers arrived to put in an extra tree at the west end of our south parking lot, requiring a bit of jockeying for position with moving vans and parked cars. The tree was required by the city of Burbank as a condition of our getting our permanent certificate of occupancy, something to remember when you're sitting at the picnic table that it's intended to shade. (The tree, that is, not the certificate, although if I know the city of Burbank the certificate will probably be big enough to do the job.)

Here's something you're not likely to see in your typical labor union office - our collection of props for our art classes, set up by an unexpectedly artistic mover for a still life class.

Remember, active and inactive members will have an opportunity to see the new digs at our next membership meeting at 6:30 pm on August 4. At some point we'll have an open house to show things off to members and non-members. We're open for union business by phone or in person, but we may not have time to show off the place to visitors until the fourth.


Ken Roskos said...

Hats off to the Matthews company. They kept all our computer equipment safe.

Ken Roskos said...

The new lab room is a great space too. Hats off to all the planners of our new digs.

Moving San Diego said...

Good thing you hired a moving company, it would have been impossible do it by yourself.

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