Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend DizWorld Linkomatic

Straight from Orlando ... toon news you can peruse.

Apparently there's some griping about Ray the firefly in PATF.

The Council for the Development of French in Louisiana ... a state agency charged with the protection and promotion of French in Louisiana, is taking issue with the portrayal of a Cajun character in the film, a toothless, lovesick firefly voiced by former New Orleans resident and preeminent voiceover actor Jim Cummings.

"It's a continuation of the stereotyping of Cajun people, which is inaccurate," CODOFIL President Warren Perrin said of the character this week from his Lafayette law office ...

In the torrent of Comic Con news, the L.A. Times interviews Tim Burton on upcoming projects:

... I've been an animator, it's a very strange job. It requires a lot of focus and sometimes you can just get so focused on something, so I felt very lucky to not be in there every day and just be able to look at things and have a fresh perspective. Animation takes so long it's hard to have a fresh view of it especially when it's so in your head. ...

For some reason, Seth MacFarlane and Co. previewed upcoming Family Guy half-hours in a city near the Mexican border:

... [A]t Comic-Con '09, the cast and crew of Family Guy gave details on the upcoming season, as well as the anticipated Empire Strikes Back Star Wars special ...

The [Empire Strikes Back] video that was shown was apparently in its early stages, even though it looked excellent – the computer animation is impressive. In the first five minutes that were shown, much like the previous New Hope special, it was scene for scene with Empire


Anonymous said...

I'm from Louisiana. Most real Cajuns ARE toothless. And very nice, although I wouldn't call it necessarily "lovesick." This fellow, Warren Perrin, needs to shut his yap.

I'm more offended that it's ANIMATED. I mean, there's no such THING as an animated firefly!


Tim said...

Maybe he prefers the way Cajuns are represented in the film "Southern Comfort" (1981).
(Put it on your Netflix queue to find out what I'm talking about).

g said...

"The Council for the Development of French in Louisiana"



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