Saturday, July 04, 2009

Plus the Fourth of July's Box Office Derby!

Now with flavorful Add Ons!

The Nikkster, now awash in greenbacks from the sale of Deadline Hollywood Daily, tells us that it's a nail-biter at the box office races:


... Fox's Ice Age 3-D: Dawn of the Dinosaurs opened very promisingly with $14 million Wednesday, $11.5M Thursday, and $16.2M Friday from 3,993 venues. (Rival studios had been claiming the pic wasn't tracking well with young boys, and that's why 20th felt the need to sneak it at 330 theaters recently. Fox said it "added an additional marketing layer prior to the onslaught of Transformers 2.) With the public clearly not tiring of 3-D toons, the threequel can come close to $42M July Fourth weekend and $67M for the full 5-day holiday even though Saturday's grosses on the 4th will be weak for every movie ...

It appears Rupert has himself another winner. Meantime, Up has a bit of air leak from its balloon, now that another cg 'toon has thundered into town, but will still pull down six million or more for the holiday weekend.

Add On: IA3 collects 7$17,000,000 on Friday, $832,000 behind T2. Let the battle of the sequels rage on!

Add On Too: And at the finish it's ... Transformerz!

Updated studio estimates Monday made it pretty clear who was No. 1 in the photo-finish race for boxoffice supremacy this weekend, with Paramount's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" topping the domestic pack with $42.4 million.

Final official data from Nielsen EDI will be released midday Monday. But morning updates from various studios consistently showed Fox's "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" in second place with less than $42 million in Friday-Sunday boxoffice ....


Anonymous said...

$67 million in 5 days is not good. Worse than both MvA and Up, especially Up because IA3 has 200 more theaters and 2 more days.

Ryan Summers said...

Don't worry, IA3 has international box office smash written all over it. Expect a minimum $120-140 million US and add at least that worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for some reason, the Ice Age series has a huge following overseas.

Ice Age 2 made 456 million internationally.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ice Age is popular internationally. Whereas late Pixar films are not.

Anonymous said...

Ice Age 2 opened with 68 million, and it went on to be a huge money maker

Anonymous said...

In addition to making almost $70 million for the 5-day weekend, IA3 also made about $150 million internationally (!).

All told, it has already made over $200 million. Anyone who doesn't recognize this as a highly profitable movie for Blue Sky is kidding themselves.

Ryan Summers said...

Anyone who doesn't recognize this as a highly profitable movie for Blue Sky is kidding themselves.

Especially when the budget is reportedly below $100M.

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