Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scenes From Moving Day, part 1

As we previously announced, today was the day we left our home of twenty-nine years and headed to our new home at 1105 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank.

Matthews Movers, our ultra-efficient movers who have moved scores of our members, arriving in front of the building.

We've been packing for several weeks, and the results of our labors quickly began stacking up.

Alex Topete showed up to set up his animation classroom.

Stephan Zupkas, myself and Trell Jackson taking a well-earned lunch break in the main office. (Can you guess where we got lunch from?)

Remember, our new phone number is (818) 845-7500.

More pictures tomorrow.

Photos by Marta Strohl-Rowand and Stephan Zupkas


Bronnie said...

Glad you decided on Matthews Movers!! Aren't they the best???

Jeff Massie said...

We were very happy with Matthews. No question they had a lot to do with its being a smooth day's work, although the yeoman work of our intrepid staff deserves full honors as well.

Moving guide said...

Oh, moving after 29 years must be tough. With no professional help it might be extremely difficult, but it is almost as hard with bad professionals. So you say the Matthews were good? Great to know, might use their services.


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