Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Subject of Contract Rates ...

Since we are talking contracts and negotiations right about now, it might be useful to trip back a few years and see what a few TAG minimums were, back in the day. (The day being February 1, 1965.)

Animator, Storyman, Background, Layout

Hourly: $5.365 Weekly: $214.60

1st Assist. Animator, Assist. Background, Assist. Layout

Hourly: $4.021 Weekly: $160.84

It's good to remember that in early '65 (when this contract went into effect), the entire Federal budget was a hair north of $100 billion, America was just starting to warm to the task of pissing away billions in Southeast Asia, and a dollar went a whole lot further than now.

According to the intertubes' Inflation Calculator, a wage of $160.84 in '65 would be worth $1086.61 in 2008.


Anonymous said...

In 1965 the average annual income was $6,000
A new home was about $21,500
One share of Berkshire-Hathaway was $18
Minimum wage was $1.25
Movie tickets were about $1.00
A gallon of milk was $0.95
Gasoline was about $0.31 per gallon
A loaf of bread was $0.21
1st class postage was $0.05
A personal computer cost about $16,000 and would fit on a cart.

Anonymous said...

"A personal computer cost about $16,000 and would fit on a cart."

And that's not counting the punch cards!!

r said...

A personal computer in 1965?
Do you mean a mainframe computer? IBM 7094 perhaps?

interesting stuff...

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