Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brave Thinkers!

Animation impresarios (and South Park masterminds) Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been named Brave Thinkers (in a large and diverse field of movers and shakers) by The Atlantic:

... [T]he pair has produced one of the best satires on television, while achieving new standards of vulgarity and political incorrectness. Parker and Stone have risked alienating advertisers and audiences alike with an ambitious, comprehensive offensiveness that lampoons the tired culture war and the cycle of moralizing protest and hypocritical hyperventilating it sets in motion. In the process, they’ve shown that there’s an audience for smart political satire ...

Trey and Matt have disdained the union thing, but I admire them anyway. They've been sinking harpoons into sacred cows of the Right and Left for a dozen years. How could I not like them, since my teenaged son thinks Team America: World Police is one o the finest pieces of film-making ever created by the mind of Man.


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