Monday, October 19, 2009

Disney TVA at Frank Wells, the Building

I whiled away a fragment of the afternoon on the third floor of the fabled Frank Wells Building, on Disney's Burbank lot. Part of Disney Television Animation resides there. (And the rest? It's over in Glendale on Sonora Street.)

Phineas and Ferb is the main production happening at FWB right now, but there is also Kid Buttowski (formerly Kid Knievel ... but the rights to the Knievel name ... so I'm told ... couldn't get cleared, so it's that other title.) And Inspector Oso is back in work, with the bulk of its crew returning mid-November.

But I got some happy infoformation from an artist on Buttowski:

"You know, they've made a real effort around here to put people on other shows when their assignments are over. When artists came off Phineas a while ago, they tried to get them work on other series, to tide them over until a new order got started ...".

I told the artist this was good news, (See? It isn't just gloom and "week to week" in teevee animation.) But it would still be nice to see more cubicles occupied up there on FWB's third floor.


Anonymous said...

Stop the presses!!! That's always been their "official" policy. Big deal.

Steve Hulett said...

Oh, of course.

But they actually seem to be doing it. At least on a limited basis.

Everybody's "offical" policy is to retain employees. I can't think of a manager I've ever talked to who says, "We want these people gone the instant their job is done!"

Wouldn't be prudent for morale, you know.

My rule: Don't put much weight in what the Powerful Who Rule Us say. But observe closely what they do, and make your judgments and life decisions accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Since when is the extremely ugly, sterile Frank Wells building(the structure, not the late gentleman) "fabled"? lol.

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