Sunday, October 11, 2009

WB Animation Reboots

I missed this, bad me.

Peter Girardi joins the studio as senior VP of series and alternative animation ... Girardi will oversee creative and spearhead production for all series while also trying to find nontraditional animated outlets for the WB's programming. He arrives on the lot after being exec creative director of interactive content provider Funny Garbage ...

It's bright day after a long night at Warners Animation. A year ago WBA was a ghost town. I could walk through the building and encounter empty cubicle after empty cubicle. Nothing much was going on.

Today every cubicle is filled, and series and direct-to-video features are in production. Staffers tell me that production will be churning along for a good twelve to fourteen months.

Warners, after a long hibernation, is serious again about animation.


Anonymous said...

yea ....ok ...and then after 12-14mo's ..then wha?????????????????????

same old postion of the grand old boys at the top...

well if any and all animators would learn what an LLC was and applied it to themselfs ....durrrrrrrrrrr....we as animators might have a chance at stable work thru the years.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about this not just because of the job opportunities but because I loved the Batman/Superman/Justice League animated series of the '90s and early '00s. These new DTV movies set in that universe bring on a wave of nostalgia, especially since the original voice actors are back too. Keep 'em coming WB!

Anonymous said...

Well that's good to hear, I miss the WB cartoons from the 90s, they were some quality stuff.

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