Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Derby

Now with oven-baked Add On.

The Nikkster handicaps the movie b.o. that will see grosses shrink due to Saturday Treatings and Tricks:

1. This Is It (Sony) New $7.5M Fri [3,481 runs] $20M Wkd 5 1/2-day $31.5M

2. Paranormal Activity (Paramount) Week 6 $6M Fri [2,404] $16M Wkd

3. Couples Retreat (Universal) Week 5 $2.4M Fri [3,026] $6.8M Wkd

4. Law Abiding Citizen (Overture) Week 4 $2.4M Fri [2,764] $6.6M Wkd

5. Where The Wild Things Are (WB) Week 3 $1.9M Fri [3,645] $7.0M

6. Saw VI (Lionsgate) $1.9M Fri (-73%) [3,036] $5M Wkd

7. The Stepfather (Sony) $1.1M Fri (-47%) $3.5M Wkd

8. Astro Boy (Imagi/Summit) $1.0M Fri (-42%) [3,020] $4M Wkd

9. The Vampire's Assistant (Uni) $1.0M Fri (-55%) [2,754] $3M Wkd

10. Amelia (Fox Searchlight) $900K Fri (-36%) [1,070] $2.7M Wkd

Astro Boy hangs onto a run of the Top Ten ladder, but isn't setting any turnstiles on fire ....

Add On: At the finish line, Michael Jackson's swan song comes in 2nd on a per-screen basis, but #1 in weekend totals.

As regards animation, Astro Boy falls 55% weekened to weekend, ending up with a $10.9 million total ... and $3 million for the frame. In the meantime, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs does almost as well at #11, accumulating a box office total of $118.5 million.


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