Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dindal Jumps to Live Action

Mark Dindal, director Cats Don't Dance, The Emperor's New Groove, and Chicken Little is saddling up to direct a live-action flick:

Walden Media is ... tapping Mark Dindal to helm live-action family comedy "Housebroken." ...

"Housebroken" will center around a newly married couple's talking pets, who must adjust to living together under one roof. Walden is looking for a scribe to work with Dindal ("Chicken Little") on the script, originally penned by Adam Sztykiel ...

Mark was a long-time Disney Feature Animation guy, departing the studio to direct Cats Don't Dance for the short-lived Turner Feature Animation. He then returned to Disney for the hand-drawn Emperor and the CGI cartoon feature Chicken Little.

CL is the Mouse Hose's highest domestic grosser in the c.g. feature department, and Emperor one of the few traditional Disney features that had a second weekend gross higher than the first. For my money, it was the last hand-drawn feature that really clicked, even though Michael Eisner is reputed not to have liked it.

Mark D. is the latest of a long line of animation artist/driectors who have made the leap to live-action. We wish him the best of luck with the project.


Anonymous said...

as they say, "... but I really want to driect."

Anonymous said...

not to split hairs, but:

Dinosaur 137k (Domestic)
Chicken Little 135k (Domestic)

Anonymous said...

...and guess what those budgets were???

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't understand the relevance of budget in terms of "Domestic Gross". Net profit sure, but "Gross" has nothing to do with budget (directly).

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