Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shrek the Musical Departing Broadway

Mmm. Shrek on the Great White Way doesn't seem to have the staying power of some of the other musicals based on animated features.

"Shrek the Musical," the first legit outing from DreamWorks Theatricals, will shutter Jan. 3 after a little more than a year on the boards.

With the production long prone to significantly fluctuating weekly grosses, many legiters suspected a closing date soon after New Year's (and after holding on for the traditional holiday sales boom). In recent weeks "Shrek" has regularly played to auds at about 60% of capacity or less ...

I'm sure that the boys and girls at DWA were hoping for run along the lines of ... oh ... Lion King?

This blockbuster stage musical thing isn't as easy as it looks. It's not enough, apparently, to have a blockbuster cartoon as your launching pad. You must also have tunes, choreography and a book that people want to see.


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