Friday, October 09, 2009

Political Post II: Astro Boy a Leftie??

Moviefone raises the horrid spectre of brave little Astro Boy being a commie simp:

Crude posters of Lenin and Trotsky adorn the threadbare walls of an office in a desolate part of town, and a group of outcast revolutionaries hatch a scheme to overthrow the ruling powers and bring equality and a classless society to mankind. The beginning of an Eisenstein film? Bunuel? Renoir?

Try 'Astro Boy,' the upcoming animated film featuring the voices of Nicolas Cage and Kristen Bell about a boy robot (Freddie Highmore) that leaves his scientist father after finding out he isn't human.

This is, of course, a sad turn of events for America's youth.

But ... I donno ... the fact that the movie is produced in communist China could have something to do with it, right?

Happily, our corporate masters teach us that Red China is a good communist country, as opposed to Cuba, which is a bad Communist country.

It's important that we keep out good commies and bad commies straight. Otherwise we might get stress headaches and hypertension.


Anonymous said...

Yes Astroboy was made by commies. Commies make most of our stuff. Commies are bad, unless big business and republicans decide they're not.

Cuba has BAD commies.

OF course, that's only because, unlike China, they can't destroy our economy. Big business cold out to communism long ago.

Anonymous said...

Um, I don't see the Democrats cutting our ties with China anytime soon. I suppose the Repubs get zapped over stuff like this because they purport to stand for moral issues. The Dems, on the other hand, will stand for just about anything, including incompetent pimps like Barney Frank and tax cheats like Charlie Rangel. So get off your high horse - er, donkey - pal.

As for Astro Boy, eh - I'll go to see it anyway. I love Tezuka's work, and ironically, he was no fan of Communism himself, primarily because he was a fan of tolerance, and such a concept doesn't exist in Commie land.

Anonymous said...

and repugnicans stand for lying, bilking taxpayers, and being anti-business and anti-American.

Oh, and they hang out in bathrooms tapping toes.

Anonymous said...

I have to say it's a sad time when we can't even watch an animated movie without someone crying political nonsense. At its core, its just a movie. Anyone trying to score political point using a movie for kids obviously has nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

Well, Hong Kong might now be a city in China and China might be a "Communist" country (biggest joke ever) but I can tell you that Hong Kong is the paroxysm of capitalism. No communism ever approached these shores. I know, that's where I live.

So, all of you, enjoy Astro Boy and stop talking nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The film was written by 2 Westerners. And yes they are both white males. Furthermore the film's creative team was based in Sherman Oaks comprising of Union members. Maybe you'd know if you paid attention much less see the film. Do your homework before you post.

Anonymous said...

I'm 55 years old and it might be worth knowing that long before Astro Boy was a movie, it was a Saturday morning cartoon during my childhood. That would be the 1960s. And I well remember that Communist themes such as posters and the like permeated this 1960s cartoon, as well. And since the film is merely an outgrowth of the cartoon, anyone attributing the origin of Astro Boy's leftist leanings to the film's writers would be mistaken. When I first saw trailors for the film and picked up on the Communist themes in it, I went..."Oh yeah. I remember that stuff in the cartoon, too." For what it's worth....... And I seem to recall, although I might be wrong on this, that the Astro Boy cartoon was dubbed in English, meaning that it's original language was something else.

Anonymous said...

try proof reading your domments. i hare trying to guess what youre saying. it takes too much time and leaves too much risk of miscommunicastion

Anonymous said...

Well, the movie is evidently "political". The sad thing, from the perspective of a european "radical-democrat", so to speak, is the stereotype and good fable result.

The three revolutionary robots in the movie, right before the end, explicitly say: "We didn't do anything to help". This is the most profound message, sort of "ideologies are gone", do not fight, let the goodyness rase freely from the blue guys. Looks like these 2009 expectations did not fully realize yet - even if I still hope.

The post's author cites Eizenstein, Bunuel... we're very far from there, like the democrats from the socialits. There is a little something that is not exactly a progress in this change, even if I can't precisely state what it is.

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