Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Fall Derby

Now with fact-filled Add On.

The Nikkster tells it like she thinks it will be.

Zombieland has a good shot at a $9 million opening from a wide release in 3,036 theaters Friday and an estimated $25M first weekend ... Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs keeps a crazy good hold (-12%!) despite Disney's Pixar 3-D challenge for $4.9M Friday and probably a jaw dropping $20M weekend and new cume of $85+M. "I've no idea where the top is now but don't bet less than $125 mil," one studio exec gulped tonight ...

The last animated feature I remember holding this well was The Emperor's New Groove. (Unfortunately Groove had the misfortune of having a studio head that didn't care for it, a meager advertising budget, and a really lousy opening weekend. It gained in the second weekend, but when all the greenbacks had fluttered in, the flick was still under a $100 million domestic gross.)

Add On: As commenters say, Nikkster updates her post, and box office mojo weighs in with more accurate numbers:

1) Zombieland -- $9.4 million

2) Cloudy With Meatballs -- $3.7 million

3) Toy Stories 3-D -- $3.2 million

4) The Invention of Lying -- $2.4 million

And so animations occupy slots 2 and 3 of the Friday chart.

Add On:Sony gets bragging rights for the weekend, with a 1,2 finish in the steeple chase. Cloudy declines a mere 33.3%, and $12.5 million worth of theater goers want to relive the Toy Story magic in glorious stereo viewing. (In some ways, the re-release amounts to a three hour promo and infomercial for the upcoming Toy Story 3.)

1. "Zombieland" ($25 million)

2. "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" ($16.7 million)

3. "Toy Story" & "Toy Story 2" (3-D Double Feature) ($12.5 million)

4. "The Invention of Lying" ($7.35 million)

5. "Surrogates" ($7.34 million)

And 9 currently sits on the 14th perch of the Box Office Aviary.


Anonymous said...

The Finke story has already been revised with lower numbers for "Cloudy" due to erroneous figures from Sony.

But still not bad.

Anonymous said...

And the "revised lower" numbers are...? One dollar? One million?

Anonymous said...

More than a million. But who's counting?

And -12% revised to -34%. A trifle really.

Anonymous said...

I love how Nikkie Finke has no problems editing her posts without acknowledging that she's doing it. For example, when you first cited her box office post, the anonymous studio exec supposedly gulped "I've no idea where the top is now but don't bet less than $125 mil,"

Read the same post now, and that exec is no longer gulping, and the number he or she gave Finke is now $115 million. That's Nikkie - she stands for truth, justice, and making herself look good.

Anonymous said...

And taking lots and lots of personal time off.

Anonymous said...

And taking lots and lots of personal time off.

Yeah, I noticed that too last year.

Then she posted that her father was dying. Then he died. If anyone here has had a parent die with an estate to deal with, they'd get the work to be done, especially if the deceased parent lived in another state. More "personal days".

And apparently she's had some medical issues herself lately-the slacker.

The nerve of Finke, to take that many "personal days"! If she were a real Hollywood insider she'd know there's no such thing as that "family comes first" BS...right? Right?

I don't need to read Gawker's take on her "days off" to say it's a fucking NON-issue.

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