Saturday, March 06, 2010

An afternoon of remembrance

Lady and the Tramp, by John Freeman (1917-2010). © Disney.

A week from today, we once again celebrate the lives of those who have preceded us.

The Animation Guild, ASIFA Hollywood and Women In Animation present


a non-denominational celebration of departed friends from our animation community:

  • Derdad Aghmalian
  • Wayne Allwine
  • Ray Aragon*
  • Dina Gottliebova Babbitt
  • Barry Blitzer
  • Robert Broughton
  • Bill Browne
  • Lillian Chapman
  • Art Clokey
  • Elizabeth Cotter*
  • Vincent Davis
  • Virginia Davis McGhee
  • Dom DeLuise
  • Jaime Diaz
  • Roy E. Disney
  • Bob Dranko
  • Jack Dunham
  • Heinz Edelmann*
  • Ric Estrada
  • Romeo Francisco*
  • John Freeman
  • Giulio Gianini
  • Henry Gibson*
  • Rod Gilchrist
  • Eugene Giudice*
  • Marion Green
  • Victor Haboush
  • Ann Hamilton
  • Millard Kaufman
  • Dana Landsberg*
  • Alla Marshall*
  • Dallas McKennon
  • Serge Michael
  • Michael Mitchell*
  • Flavia Mitman*
  • Brittany Murphy
  • Marty Murphy
  • Donna Narhuminti*
  • Ann Neale
  • June Olsen
  • Cathy Parotino
  • Tony Peters
  • Alexander Schure
  • Kevin Sheedy
  • Erich Segal
  • Dave Simons*
  • Arnold Stang
  • Mignonette Kerby Sterges
  • Yoshito Usui*
  • Kathy White

Saturday, March 13, 2010 Food and refreshments, noon Memoriams, 1 pm

Hollywood Heritage Museum (Lasky-DeMille Barn) 2100 N. Highland (across from Hollywood Bowl), Hollywood The Afternoon is free of charge and is open to all; no RSVPs necessary.

*If you can help us in finding speakers or memoriam writers for those persons marked with an asterisk above, please contact me by e-mail at the link below. If you cannot appear or speak in person please write something for us and we will have a volunteer read it (one speaker and three minute limit per honoree.) When possible we will give preference to speakers who knew the honoree personally. If you know of anyone in the animation business who passed away between January 1, 2009 and January 31, 2010, and is not on our list, please let me know as. (Please know that Rudy Larriva passed away in February and will be honored in 2011.) Thanks, Jeff Massie


Diogenes said...

"a non-denominational celebration of departed friends from our animation community."


That's a curious way to phrase it , especially since the celebration is no longer being held in a church location . (which is a good thing in my opinion, and I say that as a traditionalist Catholic, which means I'm politically/civically liberal, but religiously conservative.)

For most people the terms "denominational" and "non-denominational" have reference to a person's religious preferences . The word "Denominational" means "of a particular name (or brand)" , so for instance a person who attends a Lutheran or a Episcopalian parish would be part of a larger denomination with a central organizational structure and doctrines , whereas someone who attends the "Joy of the Spirit Worship Center" (meeting at the former K-Mart in Newhall ) who has no affiliation beyond their own local group of believers is considered "non-denominational" .

But since the TAG Afternoon of Remembrance has no religious affiliation it doesn't make sense to brand the gathering as "non-denominational" . If it's not religious then why even bring up the "non-denomimational" terminology , since for most people that word signals some sort of religious connotation? I realize that some of the TAG members have an allergy to religion, so you are probably trying to use the word "non-denominational" as a reassuring code word for "non-religious" so that the more sensitive non-religious members of TAG won't get their knickers in a twist , but if it's truly non-religious you don't even need to bring "denominational vs. non-denominational" terminology into it ...

Why not simply call it "AN AFTERNOON OF REMEMBRANCE: a Celebration of departed friends from our animation community" .

Anonymous said...

I'm also angry about the non-denominational designation. I think the remembrances should be Methodist.

Steve Hulett said...

We've used the same word and phrase for years: "a non-denominational service ..."

But you can't please everybody.

Will Finn said...

I hate to nit-pick on such a worthy post, but you've listed Mr. John Freeman's life span as lasting from 1917 until 2011.


Steve Hulett said...

It's been corrected.

Jeff Massie said...

My bad. Thank you, Steve.

Jeff Massie said...

The first two Afternoons of Remembrance were held in a Methodist church, which led a few people to complain on the assumption it was a religious service. Since then, we've been careful to use the word "non-denominational".

It's unlikely you'd think that any more, unless of course you worship Cecil B. DeMille (don't laugh, I know a few people ...) So next year, I'll probably suggest to the committee that we drop it.

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