Friday, March 05, 2010

Gallery 839 Presents the "Beyond Yellow" Virtual Art Show

"Mas Vino" by Charles Ragins; "Lying in the Water" by Robert Sean Coons; "The Jester's Mask, Venice" by Yelena Geodakyan.

As I type, the opening of "Beyond Yellow, " Gallery 839's exhibition of The Simpsons artists, is taking place. If you can't make it, We're going to give you a chance to view the artwork here, inside the glow of your computer screen.

Foreground, "John Tom Waits" (sculpture) by Jeffrey Johnson; background left, "Keys in Box" by Rebecca Totman; "Seated Nude" by Teresa Potter Heimark; "Green Vase with Pods" by Teresa P. Heimark; "Cristin No. 3" by John Liu; "Portrait of Forest" by Nancy Kruse.

Top left painting "Knowledge in Your Hands" by Edwin Aguilar; "March Moss" by John Pattison; "Ethel" (guitar) by Robert Ingram; "Keys in a Box" by Rebecca Totman.

Another view of "Lying in the Water" by Robert Sean Coons (take a close look at it.)

"George Lucas In Love" by Paul Wee ....


Jamil R. Lahham said...

Did you mean Tom Waits? it looks like him.

Jeaux Janovsky said...

Loved the opening and the new space! The art was awesome. Thnx for letting me leave a few Haunted Homeys mini comics! :)

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