Friday, March 19, 2010

Italy Didn't Get the Memo

Good God. Don't these people know how girl films are poison?

Italo film outfit Medusa has partnered with Winx creator Iginio Straffi's Rainbow on Italy's first stereoscopic 3D toon, "Winx Club 3D: Magic Adventure," an ambitious new step in the fairy franchise. ...

If the citizens living on the boot peninsula are going to thumb their noses at Mouse House wisdom, I think they're truly beyond help.

I say, we send Richard Ross over to kick some sense into them.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget, George Lucas is making an animated musical fairy tale (albeit in Singapore).


Floyd Norman said...

A girl film?!

The fools! The blind fools! They're doomed!

Anonymous said...

It'll be okay as long as they rename it to "Winx and the Shadowslaying Death Hound of Action and Strength and Masculinity" or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Or, maybe just "Winked".

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