Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mid-Week Linkage

A few days into the workweek, a few more links: derides your favorite childhood memories:

It's easy to look back at the past through rose-colored glasses and claim that everything was better when we were kids, but guess what: it wasn't. ... [H]ere's the 20 worst Saturday morning cartoons now! ...

China, it's going to start paying attention to the cartoons.

China should work out a rating system for its animation products "as soon as possible" to protect children from exposure to pornography and excessive sex and violence, a political advisor said here Tuesday. ..

According to a report on China's cultural industry released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ... the animation industry has been expanding at a rate of 97 percent in China since 2008.

But it's not just Chinese animation that's growing. Turns out there's also this "internet gaming" thingie.

In its early days in China, online gaming was an industry without a clear regulator. During the prehistoric era of 1992-96 ... the industry attracted little attention; no official government organization was in charge of oversight. The industry also lacked a business model, with no clear way to generate profits ....

GAPP was assigned to be lead regulator for online games in September 2000 by the State Council, which ruled that Internet "information services" were part of the "Internet publishing industry." Since then, applying for a GAPP "Internet publishing permit" has been the first step for any company hoping to operate an online game in China.

And many have taken that step. China's online gaming revenues soared from 1.9 billion yuan in 2003 to 12 billion yuan four years later. Now, online gaming is the place to be for companies seeking huge profits and rapid growth ...

And then there is the next wave of mind-bending entertainment -- home-style Three Dee:

Samsung announced its new lineup of 3D TVs at a gathering of the media in Manhattan this morning. The entry level 46-inch 3D model ... is coming in May for $1,700. Included is a "3D Starter Kit" containing two pairs of 3D glasses, plus a 3D Blu-ray copy of DreamWorks Animation's Monsters vs. Aliens.

Jeffrey Katzenberg: ... The innovation of the experience from flat screen to 3D on these new TVs is exceptional. At a 25% premium, I think consumers are going to see that as a very high value. As always happens, when a new innovation is introduced it starts at a high end. First adopters' will be driven by sports and games. And very quickly you'll see this move to the mass market. If you look at a first year of introduction and the predictions (for five to seven million 3D TV sold this year) -- in an introductory year that is huge ...

The L.A. Times has expanded its story about the Rapunzel/ Tangled name change. (We can never get enough, can we?) This graphic is quite inspirational.

(I've long harbored a secret desire for a Seven Dwarfs sequel, with Doc, Bashful, Dopey et al working as a kind of woodland A-Team: "Cover me Grumpy, I'm going in!" But New York Magazine adds a layer of snark about the story and character permutations of Tangled:)

... [F]orgive us for being skeptical of the demand for an homage to Errol Flynn in 2010 ... reports that Priceline has renewed its sponsorship of McFarlane cartoons: has reupped as the presenting sponsor for Seth Macfarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. The Cavalcade is a collection of Web shorts, typically around a minute long, produced by the creative team behind Fox's Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. ...

Lastly. Today is Disney Stockholder Day!

Hundreds of shareholders of The Walt Disney Co. will meet at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa today to elect directors, vote on an expanded stock incentive plan and decide on proposed governance changes. ...

Disney spokesman Jonathan Friedland said the Burbank, Calif.-based company routinely moves its shareholder meetings around to improve communications with stockholders in different areas. He said it's the first time the company is having a shareholder session in San Antonio.

About 18,000 of Disney's 2.3 million shareholders live within 50 miles of San Antonio, Friedland said. About 580 have requested tickets to the meeting. ...

Enjoy the balance of your work-week.


Anonymous said...

This graphic is quite inspirational.

Indeed it is: Manure, meet fan. :)

(Most of the public knew already, but never underestimate the power of embarrassing Disney in mainstream public.)

Anonymous said...

Floyd Norman, brilliant cartoon.

You must be making a lot of enemies down in Burbank. Keep up the good work sir!

Anonymous said...

Who is "chuck norris?"

Eric's brother?

Anonymous said...

Im sure Floyd has upset some of the higher ups, but he's definitely illustrating what us grunts are saying.


Steven said...

"...embarrassing Disney..."

Seriously? What is Disney now, the Vatican?

Has anyone considered the possibility that Disney changed the title to make the film sound wry or pop-culture hip, (a common enough strategy in CG features), and has nothing to do with the "princess" issue?

The problem's got me all, like, tangled, dude.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah--And then it made more sense to think that they changed the title to sound like Enchanted because that was the one that "worked the last time" they were afraid of princesses.

...Nobody's buying the spin.

Anonymous said...

I would watch Rapunzel: Salvation.

And what's the LA Times's problem with Errol Flynn? He rules.

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