Thursday, March 18, 2010

At the Afternoon of Remembrance

Photos by Bronwen Barry and Steve Hulett.

Over a hundred people attended the Afternoon of Remembrance at the Hollywood Heritage Museum last Saturday, to honor the memories of fifty fellow members of the animation community. Above, President Emeritus TOM SITO hosting the event.

Tee Bosustow, son of UPA co-founder Steve Bosustow, spoke about Oscar-nominated writer MILLARD KAUFMAN, who wrote the first Mr. Magoo short.

Animator/director JOHN FREEMAN, who died on New Years Day at the age of ninety-two, was remembered by his daughter Melissa Freeman.

Bill Kroyer shared his memories of KATHY WHITE, one of the first employees of Rhythm and Hues.

Martin Forte and Larry Huber spoke of their mutual friend, the late JAIME DIAZ.

Bob Kurtz and Dave Brain, two animation veterans remembering old friends.


Anonymous said...

Greg Boone didn't show up? I thought these were all friends and family of his.

Kevin Koch said...

I was another fine afternoon spent with good people, remembering those upon whose shoulders we stand. I was glad to see how well attended it was, and as always I learned about some of the unsung heros of our business.

Nice job to everyone involved in the planning and execution.

Bronwen Barry said...

Wonderful turnout!!
Thanks to all who worked so hard;it's a privilege to be on this committee.

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