Saturday, March 13, 2010

The March of the Derby

With cheese-coated Add On.

The entrants, old and new, line up at the gate.

There are three or four new wide releases coming out this week (depending on your definition of wide) but it appears that none of them have a real shot at taking top spot away from Alice in Wonderland. This is true despite the overwhelming majority of analysts who are predicting that the film will suffer at least a 55% drop-off this weekend ....

The Thursday chart had Alice leading the pack, with Shutter Island and Avatar several lengths behind ....

Add On: The Friday stats: Alice remains on top, but newbies now own positions 2-5.

Alice in Wonderland -- $17.4 million

Green Zone -- $5 million

Remember Me -- $3.6 million

She's Out of my League -- $3.3 million

Our Family Wedding -- $2.5 million

Shutter Island -- $2.4 million

Avatar -- $1.675 million

And so on.

Add On Too: Crossing the wire, it's Alice in Wonderland (with a decline of 47%). Alice collected $62 million in her second weekend, so I'm sure the Mouse is ecstatic.

Elsewhere on the field, every other picture is an also-ran. Green Zone collects $14.5 million, while She's Out of My League picks up $9.6 million. Remember Me makes $8.3 million, nudgin out Shutter Island at $8.1 mill.

Meanwhile, Our Family Wedding earns $7.6 million, while Avatar shows the smallest decline of any feature in the Top Ten, dropping a mere 18.7% as it makes another $6.6 million.


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