Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Synchrolux

Kevin writes:

So last week we watched that new CG feature, Kung Fu Wormy, and were disappointed. Why didn’t we love it as much as Kung Fu Panda? They had virtually identical stories, and that fat, funny lead worm, Pi, was expertly voiced by the very best Jack Black imitator in all of Iceland. How could it miss? It missed because it didn’t have the same storytelling. Storytelling, not story, makes all the difference. ...

And if you proceed to Kevin's place, you'll get the rest of his second piece regarding story (and quite good, if I may say so ...)


Anonymous said...

yawn. More theory from someone who's not done it.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the guy's only worked on, what, about 10 features and a ton of shorts? And he has the audacity to actually articulate his opinions, with real examples, and engage in discussion using his real name? Who the hell does he think he is?

I suppose only people who have actually been in charge of multiple feature films should be allowed to have opinions about them. You know, like Don Bluth, Ralph Bakshi, Fredrik Du Chau.

If you think Kevin is wrong, why don't you engage in a discussion of substance? Or would that cause you to lose your status in the troll community?

Anonymous said...

Errr Kevin has exactly 0 credits as a director, writer, storyteller or filmmaker. Whilst I respect his right to discuss storytelling, he is only equally as qualified to do so as any other movie goer out there. If you are seriously wanting to learn the craft I would suggest picking up a book on the topic by someone who does it professionally.

Anonymous said...

I would say someone with his experience as an animator, animation supervisor, and teacher, Kevin's eminently qualified to discuss storytelling. He is most certainly a filmmaker, and has been on the inside of the process from start to finish multiple times.

As for books, are there really any great ones on the subject? How many good books on animated film storytelling (as opposed to technique) have been written by someone who has done it professionally?

Ultimately, either you have some valid ideas or you don't, and if you disagree with Kevin's, why don't to tootle over to SynchroLux and debate him there? Or would that reveal that you don't have sufficient credits to meet your own criteria for having a valid opinion?

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