Sunday, October 31, 2010

Animated Features Back on Top

In foreign countries right now, animation is king. The Hollywood Reporter tells us so:

School holidays helped animated hit get its second wind; 'Megamind' debuts No. 1 in Russia and Ukraine a week before its U.S. bow.

Family-oriented animation trumped horror on the foreign circuit over the Halloween weekend as Despicable Me reclaimed the No. 1 box office spot, snaring $22.8 million from 4,850 venues in 47 markets and pushing its offshore gross total to $235.4 million. ... Megamind premiered No. 1 in [Russia and the Ukraine] for a total of $7.3 million from 712 locales. ...

And "Mega" and "Despicable" weren't the only animated features that did well.

... No. 2 in France ... was producer-director Luc Besson's Arthur 3: La Guerre des Deux Mondes (Arthur 3: The War of Two Worlds), an English-language animation title which grossed an estimated $8.2 million in its third weekend at 778 situations -- an increase of 120%.

There is a theme going on here, I think. Animation continues to prosper around the world.


Anonymous said...

Megamind is #1 in Russia and Toy Story bombs there? Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Hannah Barbontana said...

I saw where Progress City reported on a rumor of what Ron and John are doing for their next hand drawn film. Blue Sky Disney confirmed that they were correct.

It's the Terry Pratchett novel Mort.

I don't know much about this novel, is it good for Disney to make?

Hugh Hogwarts said...

So that's the new movie that Ron & John were working on that Steve mentioned, but didn't name. Interesting. I've never read Terry Pratchett, but I know of him. I may have to read his work now.

Pixie Arrhh said...

Mort sounds like a stupid title, I hope they change it to something better. I haven't read Pratchett, but having heard that he's like Douglas Adams isn't something I like. I never got into those Hitchhiker books. Hopefully this isn't another Black Cauldron for Disney.

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