Thursday, October 28, 2010

Candidate statement: Steve Hulett

Candidate for Business Representative; incumbent

When you first elected me as your business representative, the animation industry faced major challenges. Employment was down, technologies were changing, and the Animation Guild had 700 active members.

Back then, I promised members I would work energetically to improve communication, expand services, and make this organization as transparent and “user friendly” as possible. In the time since, the Animation Guild has:

  • Constructed a new building closer to major studios, with more floor space and parking.

  • Expanded our industry training, with a new computer lab and larger cg training library.

  • Instituted a 401(k) Plan to supplement the Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan. (This supplemental plan now has $128.7 million in assets with 1600 participants.)

  • Instituted weekly orientation meetings to familiarize new members with the industry, the Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plan, and the Animation Guild.

  • Increased member out-reach with a daily web log, daily studio visits by the guild business representative, on-line dues payment options and expanded e-mail communication.

  • Hired a full-time labor organizer.

Though we’ve quadrupled membership, your guild remains one of the most cost-efficient of any local union in the IATSE. And though studios are more aggressive than ever, and contract negotiations tougher, I am enthusiastic about TAG and its future. If re-elected, I will use all my experience and energies to increase work opportunities, expand member outreach, and make the next three years the best that the Animation Guild has had in its fifty-eight year history.

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