Saturday, October 02, 2010

Movie Box Office

"The Social Network" takes the top position on Friday with $8,000,000. The older movies drop down a spot or two.

There is only one animated feature in the Top Ten ...

As Nikke Finke says at her site:

4. Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls (Warner Bros) Week 2 [3,575 Theaters] -- Friday $2.6M (-42%), Estimated Weekend $9.7M, Estimated Cume $29M.

Its opening weekend numbers didn't heat up audiences, but it's also cooling down nice and slow.

When you do not get the big first weekend, you want your movie to hold on. It does look like "Legend of the Guardians" is doing that.

"Alpha and Omega" has dropped to #11 with a $16,650,000 total.

Update: There were two animated features in the Top Ten.

"Legend of the Guardians" ended up at #2 ($30 million), and "Alpha and Omega" ended up at #10 ($19 million).


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call that owl movie "animated." It's about as alive as a lead weight. The worldwide audiences utter rejection of it's weak and immature story and characters has also helped it drop like a rock at the box office.

That said, it's a notch above astroboy. I know that's not saying much.

Anonymous said...

Owl pellets. Astro Boy was much better than the Guardians of Ga-Hurl, particularly story-wise. Only a birdbrain would think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

If the audience hates so much Gahoole then why olny drop a 32%-
on its second weekend?

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