Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scott Greenberg buys Film Roman

Big news:
Starz Media has sold its Film Roman animation studio to a group of investors led by Scott Greenberg, a former president of the studio. Burbank-based Film Roman, best known for its two decades of work on "The Simpsons," will be merged with Bento Box Entertainment, another animation studio in Burbank started by Greenberg and two partners last year.

This isn't any great surprise -- it's been known for some time that Film Roman was on the auction block, and Greenberg, its former pres, seems a natural fit to run the place.

Both Film Roman and Bento Box are TAG signators, so the seamless cloak of Guild protection remains intact. Our spies tell us that artistic layoffs are not expected as a result of the merger; some administrative layoffs have already taken place.

The Guild has had a good relationship with Scott, who voluntarily recognized us when he started Bento Box, and we wish him good luck with his new challenge.


Anonymous said...

Guild protection.

Anonymous said...

who were some of the administrative layoffs?

Anonymous said...

Administrative layoffs? I hope Hulett's buddies are going to be OK.

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