Friday, October 22, 2010

What is your favorite Disney animated feature?

For the record, mine is Bambi. But everyone's entitled to their opinion:

Everyone has their personal favorite Disney movie, and you can make an argument for most of the classics as being “the best.”

But the opinion of Diane Disney-Miller, the eldest daughter of Walt Disney, probably carries a bit more weight than others, and when asked where the 1940 Fantasia ranks, she didn’t hesitate: “It’s got to be tops.”

“Because of everything involved, the music, the effects, the animation,” she said Oct. 20 at The Walt Disney Family Museum, which is celebrating its one-year anniversary this month. “I think it has to be at the pinnacle.”

Looking at the home video treatment by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, you know the studio also realizes how special this film is: The Nov. 30 four-disc Blu-ray Disc combo pack ($45.99) includes both Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 on DVD, the seven-minute, Oscar-nominated short Destino (a collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali), all-new documentaries, commentaries, interactive art galleries and screen savers, BD Live features and more.

“It’s a great package,” Disney-Miller said. “It is really timeless, and it was made well enough to stand the test of time.”


Anonymous said...

My favorite Disney cartoon is Secret of Nihm.

Anonymous said...

It's a promo event for the Fantasia DVD, and we're rather openly nudged about our answer.
(I'd put it near the top, if the Stravinsky segment didn't stop the movie cold in its tracks.)

But any attempt to get the Disney-geek fans going on the features has to get the apples and oranges separated into:
- Walt era (1937-1943): Artistic exploration and technical innovation
- Neo-Walt era (1950-1967): Refined commercial-audience storytelling
- Nine Young Men era (1989-2001...Commonly referred to as "Mermaid Era", but best to avoid leading responses): Redeeming commercialized classic-source storytelling into modern format, and incorporating the musical

(If you may notice the Wartime/Anthology or Ron Miller years missing, well...darn.) :)

Anonymous said...

It didn't get any better than Pinnochio. Until Filmations' version......

Anonymous said...

Pinocchio, Snow White, and Lady and the Tramp. Those 3 movies show Disney animators and artists really pushing the envelope in terms of movement, expression, timing and what can only be termed "earnestness"...they are utterly minus the slickness that would unfortunately pop up later. They have SOUL, unlike a by-the-numbers formulaic bit of mediocrity like Princess and the Frog. As for Fantasia, it's gorgeous, imaginative and gripping...until the bobby-soxer centaurs show up. But that's it's only flaw IMO.

Bronnie said...

'101 Dalmatians' holds special magic for me because it was the first Diz feature I saw in the theatre as a kid..Aside from that, I ADORE "Lady and the Tramp" "Bambi" "Pinocchio" and "Snow White".. in that order..:)

Anonymous said...

"Destino" as it exists isn't really a collaboration between Disney and Dali. There was very little finished footage created when the two men worked together, and it was more of a multiplane shot than animation anyway.

Anonymous said...

It didn't get any better than Pinnochio. Until Filmations' version...

And not "Pinocchio in Outer Space"? ;)

(Seriously: Consider it a badge of "honor" that up until the 80's renaissance, if you were a weaselly cheapjack kiddy-film producer who wanted to tread on Disney's classic coattails, you did a Pinocchio movie. That was the official coin of the realm.)

Anonymous said...

Those "classics" are all wet!

PETE'S DRAGON! That's where it's at.

No, wait........Black Cauldron.
No, wait........The Small One.
No, wait........Treasure Planet.
No, wait........Atlantis.
No, wait........Hunchback.
No, wait........Chicken Little.
No, wait........The Black Hole.
No, wait........Tron.
No, wait........Meet the Robinsons.

HUGE hit after hit.

Gee there are so many GOOD ONES to choose from that tromp all over those old classics.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No, wait........Treasure Planet.
No, wait........Tron.

(So, still dusting off that golden-oldie "Tron was a flop" joke you loved in high school, huh?
Oh, friend, be prepared to be crushed by revisionist history in a few months' time...Those that have the sequel gold make the rules.)

Thanks, also, for not dusting off the lame "Hercules" joke either, as that one, like Planet, seems to have redeemed its image over the years.

Anonymous said...

"My favorite Disney cartoon is Secret of Nihm."

That's not even a good don bluth film.

Anonymous said...

Scooby Doo has always been my favorite.

Anonymous said...

What ?!.... no mention of the classic 'Home on the Range"'

Sergio said...

Planet Treasure probably. Some bad choises, but i do love the film.

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