Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stan Lee and Digital Comics

Huff Post reports on comic book veteran Stan Lee's newest venture:

MTV ... is joining forces with Lee's POW Entertainment to create a new digital comic series called "The Seekers."

"It involves superheroes, it involves a very high-concept plot, it's a story such as you never have seen before, and it spans the centuries," Lee said ...

Stan Lee Media had a short, red-hot run in the 1990s. But it ended up like many other dot com businesses of the time, owning a profit and loss model that did not work. (And it was less than helpful that Mr. L.'s business partner turned out to be not entirely honest ...)


Anonymous said...

He's made a living off of making deals instead of good ideas or content.

pappy d said...

Content? That's where we come in! Don't scorn the talents of those who can spin bullshit into gold & pay your wages with it.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Prime example? Cartoon Network. All spun bullshit with no content, no ideas, and no entertainment.

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