Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Organizing Visual Effects

We've gotten questions (as indicated in the thread below) about organizing visual effects people. To clear a few things up:

1) The IBEW is a late comer to this game. TAG and the IA have organized and repped visual effects employees for decades*.

2) TAG and the IA are working to organize visual effects employees now.

3) TAG and the IA will be organizing visual effects employees tomorrow.

As one of TAG's members remarked:

As a working VFX artist, I worked at a facility that had a contract with TAG. I was extremely happy with the benefits and openly talk about them on my blog.

Might we also mention, that our dues come to about $33/month. So the seamless cloak of benefits is pretty inexpensive.. (Like the IBEW, we waive initiation fees for employees of newly organized studios.)

* TAG was repping visual effects work as far back as the early 1950s, when Animation Guild members created the animated visual effects for "Forbidden Planet."


Chip said...

Just for the record, it seems just a little more than obvious that the Animation Guild might be a better fit for FX artists than the Electrical Workers union.

I mean, I like electricians as much as the next guy, but...seriously?

One of the problems with TAG is that it is charitably described as, uh, sleepy. It's a sleepy little union that generally travels the path of least resistance, and doesn't get too aggressive. That's probably just a residual effect of animators' laidback attitudes in general.

But really, I think TAG needs to get a little more aggressive, a little more involved, showcase itself, and properly market itself. That takes aggressive people willing to initiate some action, and ruffle some feathers.

Most of the Candidates Statements featured so far for the upcoming TAG election are just a bunch of nice-sounding platitudes with no specifics. No clearcut strategies for action, or concrete steps they wish to fight for. I want to see some fire, brimstone, and plans of attack from these candidates, so we can start organizing more studios.

Anonymous said...

Well said Chip...

Well said.

Steve Kaplan said...

Chip -

As to your comments about TAG getting more aggressive on the marketing and organization front, amen sir. It is the reason and purpose for my employ with our Guild.

I look forward to your approval of my efforts.

Chip said...

Anon- thanks.

Steve K. - I hope so. The proof will be in the pudding, but I'm glad to hear you're getting started in earnest.

Ruffle some feathers!

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