Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Weekend Box Office

Nikke Finke has numbers, and the owls are still with us:

1. Life As We Know It (Warner Bros) NEW [3,150 Theaters] -- Friday $5M, Estimated Weekend $15M

2. The Social Network (Sony) Week 2 [2,771 Theaters] -- Friday $4.5M (-43%), Estimated Weekend $15M, Estimated Cume $45.4M

3. Secretariat (Disney) NEW [3,072 Theaters] -- Friday $4.2M, Estimated Weekend $14.5M

4. My Soul To Take (Rogue Pictures/Universal) NEW [2,572 Theaters] -- Friday $2.5M, Estimated Weekend $7M

5. Legends of the Guardian: The Owls (Warner Bros) Week 3 [3,225 Theaters] -- Friday $1.8M, Estimated Weekend $6.8M, Estimated Cume $39.3M

The birds are hanging in there, but they don't look like they're going to gain a lot of elevation.

On Thursday, Box Office Mojo had "Alpha and Omega" tracking at #11 with $19.5 million.

Update: "Legends" has a good hold -- third best for a Top Tenner -- and collects $7 million for a total of $39.4 million.

Other animated features trundle along: "Alpha and Omega" drops 49% to #14 for a $21 million total. "Toy Story 3" shoots back up to #17, collects half a million new dollars and now stands at $412 million. "Despicable Me", down at #22, has (to date) collected $246.5 million.


Anonymous said...

In terms of upcoming animation box-office, I've seen some ads for "Megamind" on TV, but nothing so far for "Tangled". Has anyone seen any television promotion for Tangled, outside of some possible Disney Channel stuff?

Anonymous said...

We saw Guardians yesterday and it is gorgeous! It's very much worth seeing on the big screen.

Anonymous said...

Owls of Ga'hoole isn't a complete success on every level, but technically it's beautiful, and it tries to be more suspenseful than the norm. Worth seeing for the rare combination of big budget quality and scarier themes.

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