Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Links of Mid-October

One more round of mid-week linkage. The A.V. Club's story is that Fox want to corner the market on television animation.

Fox’s Animation Domination has entered some sort of giantess fetish phase, with the network now seemingly intent on crushing every other channel’s cartoon lineup, either actual or prospective. Now Vulture reports that two new animated shows have been added to the recently acquired, similarly in-development Napoleon Dynamite and the Jonah Hill-starring Allen Gregory. Oh, did you want an animated show, pitiful other network? Well, Fox says no. ...

Slate Magazine runs yet another article on Disney's mid-eighties feature, asking:

Is the movie that almost killed Disney animation really that bad? ...

NPR gives us its "Toy Story 3" profile:

... [T]he initial idea for the toys accidentally winding up at Sunnyside, came from a mistake [director Lee Unkrich] made during a move: He accidentally threw out all of his wife's childhood toys. ...

On the subject of Disney, "Mars Needs Moms" gets a poster as it loses a studio.

Award time overseas:

Italian animated film wins Anim'est award in Bucharest.

Italian short film "Big Bang Big Boom" directed by Blu was awarded late Saturday the top prize at international animation festival Anim'est in Bucharest.

The jury praised the creation for its "inventive and monumental execution". ...

Disney picks up a Chinese cartoon series.

Creative Power Entertaining Corporation (CPE), a Guangdong Province-based animation company, said Monday it had reached a television license broadcast agreement with Disney affiliate Buena Vista to air its products.

"In the coming three years, audiences in countries such as India,Australia and Singapore will be able to enjoy the latest 100 episodes of the hit cartoon series 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf - Joys of Seasons'," said CPE General Manager Liu Manyi. ...

Last of all, a look back at Hanna-Barbera in its early days from Tony Benedict via Pink Slip Animation and Tom Sito.

Hanna Barbera vintage cartoon studio film from tony benedict on Vimeo.


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