Saturday, April 09, 2011

The April Time Derby

Now with syrup-drenched Add On.

Hop remains on top, and the Nikkster hands out snark.

... Hop still pops with a good hold (-53%) for Friday and probably an even better -47% for the weekend that'll stay strong through Easter. And remember, Chris Meledandri's Illumination Entertainment made this sweetie for only $63M. (You hear that, Jeffrey K?) ...

1. Hop (Universal) Week 2 [3,636 Theaters] Friday $5.5M (-53%), Estimated Weekend $20M, Estimated Cume $66.5M

2. Arthur (Warner Bros) NEW [3,276 Theaters] Friday $4.8M, Estimated Weekend $14M

3. Hanna (Focus) NEW [2,535 Theaters] Friday $4.2M, Estimated Weekend $12M

4. Soul Surfer (Sony) NEW [2,214 Theaters] Friday $4M, Estimated Weekend $13M

5. Your Highness (Universal) NEW [2,769 Theaters] Friday $3.7M, Estimated Weekend $11M.

Add On: Ooh, snap!

Hop and Arthur were supposed to be the one-two punch that would transform Brand — known to American audiences for a supporting role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a co-star turn in Get Him to the Greek and his husbanding of Katy Perry — into the next bankable comedy phenom. Here was the ideal match of new star and old property, with the ex-druggie Brand as the dipsomaniacal playboy whom Moore had made both famous and endearing.

Instead of pruney John Gielgud as Arthur's veddy proper valet, Brand had Oscar- and Emmy-winner Helen Mirren; it was the two stars' first picture together since their (SARCASM ALERT) plangently poetic teaming last year in Julie Taymor's take on Shakespeare's The Tempest (total worldwide gross: $302,110). Arthur made no happier impression than did Mirren's hosting gig on last night's lackluster and lack-laugh episode of Saturday Night Live. ...

And you'll find the Mojo's almost-final numbers here.


Anonymous said...

What, Nikki Finke is actually believing the financial number given out by Meledandri? Did she just fall off the turnip truck? There were mountains upon mountains of overtime on Hop at every stage of the production. I don't know what the final budget was, but I'll bet it didn't cost that much less than an animated feature from DreamWorks.

Anonymous said...

"We underpay and abuse our artists! You hear that Jefferey K?"

Suck a dick, Nikki.

Steve Hulett said...

The Nikkster loves to talk out of both sides of her mouth.

On the one hand, union leadership always caves and sells out their rank and file. SAG, WGA and the rest can NEVER be militant enough for the Nikkster.

On the other hand, she tweaks an exec who is running a union shop and paying o.t., while praising the exec using non-union production workers.

No freaking consistency, but that isn't the point. Ms. Finke is standing tall against the status quo of the moment. Tilting at perceived windmills, THAT'S the important thing.

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