Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Where's the Work?"

Here's where it is today ...

... and here's where it was a year ago -- pretty the same places it's at today.

(The close similarity of the raw numbers is remarkable, understanding, of course, that just because the employees count is the same at Disney as it was a year ago doesn't mean they haven't been layoffs and hires -- only that the numbers at the various divisions -- Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney TVA, Disney Toon Studios -- have cancelled each other out.)

Add On: TAG lost a lot of employment when Image Movers Digital went away in northern California, but the guild has recovered -- as you can see above -- in other areas. What I've noticed is that television work has been steadily improving over the past twelve months, and theatrical employment has held up well.

Then there is the larger context of total animation work in Southern California: video games, visual effects work, television graphics, non-signator animation shops, internet animation, etc. Taken altogether, Southern California is host to more animation work than at any time in its history. The global pie has continuously grown and California (north and south) has gotten its share.

-- Steve Hulett


Art Forartsake said...

Wow, Disney still has 23 percent of the business? I'm surprised that it's that high.

Perhaps this was poll was taken before they shelved King of the Elves again?

Looks like Jeffrey is getting the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

@ Art-

Don't be bitter that you got fired from Disney. KOTE is in production right now :)

Anonymous said...

Is it actually in animation, anon? I'd bet no.

Anonymous said...

King of the elves is still alive and being worked on

Anonymous said...

The "Disney" category includes TV animation, not just feature.

Anonymous said...

Yes thank you 8:31. That was pointed out in the original post.

rufus said...

Don't be bitter that you got fired from Disney. KOTE is in production right now :)

typical and childish disney shill response.


Anonymous said...

@ Rufus-

You too huh??

OzWalt said...




Inside the Hat said...


What the hell is wrong with people?? If you dont know, you dont know. I work at Disney. I have for a long time. King of the Elves is NOT dead. Im not going to open my mouth and spoil the release schedule, but KOTE will be in theaters sooner than later.

Please stop being an annoying troll.

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving 2013.

Steve Hulett said...

"King of the Elves" is, as I understand, continuing in development.

Not-A-Troll said...

Inside the Hat said: "King of the Elves is NOT dead."

I guess you're not privy to what the higher ups said last week, hmmm?









Anonymous said...

No Bento Box?

Anonymous said...

I will say it again:

Thanksgiving 2013!!!

Anonymous said...

Dream on, Chris Williams is already working on another pitch since this fell through.

Against Anonymous said...

"There is a lot of talk going on about what comes after "Reboot Ralph" next year...

Specifically, a good deal of talk about Chris Williams' "King of the Elves." I've received several e-mails asking me about the status of this project. A few have asked if it has been canceled.

I can say that as of a couple weeks ago, the project was right on schedule. So if it's been put into turnaround, then it has happened in the last week or so. I personally doubt it. From those Bothans that I've talked to, the project was moving steadily forward and was having no more story problems than any other project of its type. It has been doing so well in fact, that it was/is being considered for the Christmas holiday release for 2013."

Souce: Blue Sky Disney.

San Astian said...

What the he'll is a Bothan?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is "he'll"???

Matt said...

For students like me, hoping to one day be in the animation industry, seeing the huge increase in the number of studios and increased size of some of the existing little guys is pretty heartening - even with the decrease in total workers (but were they retirement or laid off?)

Anonymous said...

"...even with the decrease in total workers (but were they retirement or laid off?)..."

They moved to Singapore to feed themselves:

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